President's Message

Staying in business today means controlling overhead. Hy-Tech cre­ates quality replacement parts for pneumatic tools while offering our own value added line of ATP brand Air Tools. Today, we're in a real world business partnership demanding cost effectiveness for our very survival; that's the challenge, our response is ATP's complete line.


"World Market" competition is a fact of everyday business life and that's actually healthy for everybody.



I began my working life on the shop floor so I understand quality standards from their foundations. The bottom line is you can't do the job without good tools and you can't give away the store to buy and maintain them.


Hy-Tech offers solid performance and we back our ATP tool designs with over seventy-five years of experience. We take a common sense approach to the features of our products, if a particular part lasts longer machined from bronze it stays that way, we don't compromise quality.


Hy-Tech has been manufacturing replacement parts for most of the industry's recognized professional tool products for decades, meet­ing all industry specifications, delivering on time and on budget, our ATP tools are the embodiment of everything we've learned.


We've shaped the ATP product line to be solidly dependable and competitively priced. Our replacement parts may be in your plant's pneumatic tools now.


We want you to use our ATP lines based on their merits. Ask your distributor about our ATP "Prove It Program" or call us direct. I believe we have the cost effective answer to all your professional tool needs.


Try ATP pneumatic tools, our repair parts, and sockets, all you have to lose is high overhead.